• «All Shades of Reading» with Kimiko

    20.07.2021 10:53 (for.tourism.lib.kherson.ua)

    They say that fewer people read. They say that people stopped getting together to read an exciting book and discuss it. In Honcharivka, librarians and … a dog can deal with this problem. Marina Rudakova and her four-legged assistant continue the project «Kimiko Takara. Let's read together». ...

  • How Many Professions Are There in the World?

    19.07.2021 12:15 (for.tourism.lib.kherson.ua)

    Have you ever wondered how many professions are there in the world? According to some data, there are about 40 thousand of them. At the next meeting, the members of the Easy English for Kids club repeated the names of professions and learned new ones. As it turned out, some professions have several ...

  • Tolerance and Reading in English

    15.07.2021 10:34 (for.tourism.lib.kherson.ua)

    The Good Reads Club at the Window on America in Kherson continues to read English stories with teenagers. We talked about tolerance and communication with peers after reading the tale at the next club meeting. A funny story about the life of an octopus with seven legs started a discussion on a serious ...

  • Unravel the Secret Message

    12.07.2021 11:02 (for.tourism.lib.kherson.ua)

    It's hot outside, but young visitors to the Easy English for Kids club have fun and entertainment. They solved a quest with an encrypted secret message. The task was to learn in English the names of all parts of the human body and fill out a form. With the help of an audio pen and colored pencils, ...

  • Crazy Races or What Do We Know about English-Speaking Countries?

    08.07.2021 14:07 (for.tourism.lib.kherson.ua)

    The visitors of the Kherson camp «Architecture of the Future» have joined the Honcharivka project «Summer in the Library» once again, attending a quiz «Crazy Races in English-speaking countries» at Window on America in Kherson. The attendees answered quiz questions ...

  • Why Do We Use Crossword Puzzles?

    05.07.2021 09:32 (for.tourism.lib.kherson.ua)

    Crossword is a word puzzle that usually takes the form of a square or a rectangular grid of white- and black-shaded squares. According to historians, this method of training mental abilities emerged in the IV century. During excavations in Pompeii, the scientists found a puzzle resembling a modern crossword ...

  • Reading is the Way to Knowing

    01.07.2021 14:33 (for.tourism.lib.kherson.ua)

    The members of the Good Reads club at Window on America in Kherson have a great habit. They meet online every Wednesday to read a new instructive or educational story together. During the next meeting, the children knew about the Sonoran Desert, its plants and animals. It may seem that there is no life ...

  • Ice Cream is Happiness Condensed

    29.06.2021 15:46 (for.tourism.lib.kherson.ua)

    All children look forward to summer vacation. It's the time for the sea, river, fruits, outdoor games, and ice cream, of course. During the next meeting of the Easy English for Kids club, our little members drew the ice cream of their dreams. They also learned many new words, repeated the colors ...

  • Family Values and Reading in English

    24.06.2021 12:28 (for.tourism.lib.kherson.ua)

    Summer is in full swing, but young visitors to the online club Good Reads find time to read stories in English. During this meeting, we offered them a story about a day on the farm. At the same time, we raised the issue of family values and habits. The attendees shared their traditions and rules. It ...

  • Women are Different, but All of Them Want to Succeed

    22.06.2021 09:26 (for.tourism.lib.kherson.ua)

    Women's Career Club «Window to Success» final meeting took place in the Kherson center «Window on America». After reading the book by Rania Habiby Anderson, the participants confirmed their opinion that everyone is entitled to his definitions of success. After all, the true ...


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